How do I transport stuff?

Where should I take my stuff to?

Generally you will probably want to transport you goods to a market hub (such as Amarr, Jita or another busy place) for higher resale value, a place of production for production value or an alliance or corporate headquarter for group production or fleet effeciency reasons. Or for personal reasons from point A to point B.

No matter the destination - how you do that will determine if you are able to do it sucessfully, or with a loss.

Since the road no matter where you travel to is paved with gankers, you will want to transport your goods as safely as possible, while getting there as fast as possible, so you can return and do what you think is more fun.

For the purpose of explicitly underlining the safe way to travel I adhere to these rules - they may help you as well in EVE Online.
  • Understand that you will lose your ship upon undock, but there are methods you can apply to reduce this risk. Never to Zero % chance of explosion, but to something close to Zero.
  • Never fly AFK
  • Fly directly to the gate (at zero), or to a safe bookmark before d-scanning the gate, or use instant-undock bookmarks for undock safety.
  • Gankers also know this, so having a bookmark in another distance than the usual 250km works better (ie. 5000km is better than 250km).
  • While fitting for max cargo space may seem like a brilliant idea, so does your future gankers. You will pack a lot more loot, while sacrificing passive defenses and resistances. Its everything they want you to do because it increases their profit, not yours.
  • Fit your ship appropriately for buffer tanking, and with good resistances, and don't transport more than 1.000-2.000 ISK per hitpoint. (ie. don't be a loot pinata).
  • If you transport valuable loot or through hostile territory - use a scout.
  • If you are yellow boxed along the way you have been scanned, and gankers are ready in one of the next systems.
    • Dock up and continue later or ...
    • Dock up, insure your ship, unload everything and fit for max buffer tank - and continue flying to your destination. Concord will destroy their ships if Gankers attack and if you survive, you can use the time penalty they get to your advantage.
  • The difference between a well used "stealth tank" and a well used "buffer tank" is that a buffer tank buys you time while a stealth tank buys you freedom.
  • Stealth tanks has ranges. Avoid getting caught by debris or floating objects (drones/ships) under 2km, and AOE weapons. You are not invulnerable.
  • Death by association means that people target you for your affiliation towards a corp. To eliminate this risk, fly using out of corp hauler alts.
  • If you are hauling for a known WH corp in a T2 hauler, people will assume loot pinata and they will hunt you regardless if they can and know how to.
  • Never warp gate-to-gate in null-sec.
  • Know how to use the MWD cloak trick and vice versa. Know what making a mistake with this method means to your warp entry time.
  • Everyone dies to pipe bombs. Know what it is and how to avoid them. No really.
  • Don't be afraid to take a break in hostile territory. Time to do proper intel can save you as long as you remain cloaked.
  • Since you never really know for sure if you will reach your destination or get blown up on the way, its probably also good advise to not spend money on new shinies before you actually get to market.

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